At St John XXIII Catholic College creativity, collaboration and excellence are nurtured in contemporary and purpose built learning and recreational spaces.

  • St John XIII learners are critical thinkers
  • St John XIII learners are collaborators
  • St John XIII learners are connected
  • St John XIII learners are creative
  • St John XIII learners are cultured
  • St John XIII learners communicate
  • St John XIII learners embrace the culture of a Catholic Learning Community.

Stanhope Catholic Learning Community Curriculum








Critical Thinking

Critical thinking allows us to analyse, authenticate and process information to create solutions.


We reach out to others to solve problems, share knowledge and build collaborative skills leading us to deep learning.


Connectivity prepares us for life inspiring news, opportunities to network, develop partnerships and share ideas.


It is in creativity that individuals gain purpose. It provides an avenue for expression.


Culture encourages the individual to appreciate where we have come from, who we are now and how we can move into the future.


Our communication must be clear and concise, effective and engaging and be presented in a way that is meaningful to the individual and audience.

Catholic World View

The Catholic world view enables us to make reflective decisions and act in a just, sustainable manner.




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