At St John XXIII Catholic College we aim to encourage every student to discover early in life how awesome they can be!

St John XXIII Catholic College is a place where curiosity, imagination and love of learning are treasured. School is a place of wonder, exploration and endless possibilities.

Pathways Learners are equipped with tools to engage in meaningful learning experiences which they use to measure their progress. Learners at St John XXIII have a growth mindset. They know where they are at in their learning and what they need to do to improve.




Let your kids discover awesome! Educated in life, for life!





Secondary learning goes way beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom.





Students are connected to the real world, prepared for success as lifelong learners and future professional engagement.

Having grown and matured through the initial years of adolescence, students at these ages are beginning to settle down. In response to this, secondary students engage in a personalised learning program that seeks genuine dialogue to challenge students to raise their own questions, create their own ideas, seek solutions to real world challenges and explore their interests and passions.

Project Based learning (PBL) engages students with real world problem-solving. Students develop deep content knowledge as well as critical thinking, creativity and communication skills. Every day, students are strengthening their academic mindset with the skills they need to take responsibility for their own learning journey.

School of Pathways challenges traditional learning spaces and traditional pathways. Education has no physical boundaries. Learning extends way beyond classroom walls and embraces vocational options, accelerated pathways and university subjects in senior years.












Learners become creative critical thinkers through personalised and accelerated programs. Learners become connected and communicate through real-life experiences. Through this learning journey they soon discover how awesome they can be.



We’ll work with your child to find out how they learn best.


Through inquiry students are immersed in the learning process, connecting their learning to the real world.


We’ll work closely with your child as they grow in responsibility for their learning.





Dedicated Educators

St John XXIII educators are lifelong learners just like our students. Educators have their own tools which they use to create meaningful and formative experiences for our learners. Stanhope Educators measure their progress and the progress of their learners, they believe that every student can reach their potential.

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Stanhope Catholic Learning Community




Stanhope Catholic Learning Community

Let’s work together

The John XXIII learner’s progress is enriched by our partnerships with families.

A Stanhope parent is engaged in their child's learning and uses the tools available to them to ensure their child progresses in their learning. They celebrate their child's growth and engage in dialogue with our Educators to ensure they are part of their child's learning journey.

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