‘Learning’ is pivotal to St John XXIII Catholic College as we strive to provide a comprehensive educational program that allows each and every member of the community the opportunity to grow and develop.

Our students and staff need to be 21st Century learners and be both critical consumers and producers of knowledge. They need to be able to collaborate, to think critically and to communicate effectively. They need to be able to respond flexibly to the demands of their workplaces, and create their own opportunities through entrepreneurial pursuits.

At St John XXIII Catholic College learning has no boundaries!




Catholic Early Learning Centre

Our Catholic Early Learning Centre provides quality early learning for children 3 to 5 years that: is founded on Catholic values and traditions, engages children in experiences that promote their desire for learning, encourages younger children’s curiosity and the skills to explore and investigate, promotes the development of positive relationships, is supported by a safe, nurturing and home-like learning environment.


School of Foundations

The primary years lay the foundations for life-long learning. Learn more...


School of Curiosity

In the School of Curiosity, students at this stage of development are primed to make connections of concepts, knowledge and skills across different subject areas. Learn more...


School of Pathways

At St John XXIII Catholic College secondary learning goes way beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom. Learn more...


Designed For Learning

Students learn differently at each stage of their lives so this is considered in our planning and design, as well as the best way for a teacher to deliver that learning for each age group. Discover the awesome facilities we have on offer!


Learning Pathways

At St John XXIII Catholic College we offer multiple pathways to meet the needs and interests of every student. Learning has no boundaries!


Religious Education

As a Christ-centred community, the study of religion is an important part of the curriculum and the life of Jesus Christ provides the foundation from which our learning community draws its purpose and hope.



At St John XXIII Catholic College creativity, collaboration and excellence are nurtured in contemporary and purpose built learning and recreational spaces.


Beyond the Classroom

St John XXIII Catholic College's extensive, diverse and inclusive range of co-curricular activities is a highlight of the school, showcasing the incredible talents of both our students and our committed staff.



CSPD school libraries are physical and digital places of inquiry and reading. Access our eLibrary.